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Question No. 229
Category End of Days/Messiah
Date Posted Mid 2003
The Question Why has not the Moshiach arrived? I am a believing gentile and have studied on the net with orthodox Jewish sites. I follow the 7 laws of Noah, my husband is still a staunch Hindu, but my two sons follow me, and we cannot be open in our faith here. Jews are not accepted where I live. What can Noahides do to help bring the Moshiach soon? Why does the Chabad believe the Rebbe is the Moshiach, can the Moshiach come from one who already came and died? G-d bless you. Anonymous, Malaysia
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Question No. 148
Category End of Days/Messiah
Date Posted Early 2003
The Question In Sanhedrin 111a, Rava states that there will only be two survivors who will live to see the times of Moshiach. I have asked several people to explain the meaning of this not-very-well known-statement, and they either denied it or brushed it aside. I am concerned about it, since although we're not supposed to speculate about messianic times, there has been talk about the impending war on Iraq being the war of Gog uMagog, and the aformentioned gemara may have a very literal meaning. Does the Rav have an explanation of the gemara, and do any gedolim predict the war of Gog uMagog any time soon? Thank you. Anonymous, Haifa
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Question No. 147
Category End of Days/Messiah
Date Posted Early 2003
The Question It is said that in the days of Moshiach their will be no desire. The Ramban in Devarim (30,6) explains that in the days of Moshiach (apparently even before Olam Haboah) the inclination for good will be part of the human nature. A person will not desire what is wrong. If so, 1)How does one understand the explanation of the Koheles Rabbah (brought by the Ramban himself in Sha'ar Hagemul)of the gemara in Sanhedrin Daf 95a that the dead will be resurrected with their deformities so that people will not say these are the not the dead that died. 2)The Oruch L'ner on Yevamos 47a explains that converts will not be accepted in the times of Moshiach due to the fear that they will convert for ulterior motives (as in the days of King David's reign). However if the only human desire is for good then what other motives are possible? B) The gemara in Sanhedrin 97b brings a dispute as to whether the Jews will have to repent in order to be redeemed. The Maharal in Netsach Yisroel (chapter 31) explains that according to R'Yehoshua a repentance by force (fear) will suffice. However according to R'Eliezer the Jews must repent from their own free will. If so how can their be a predetermined end to the galus if the end can only brought by the free choice of good? Furthermore how can the Geulah be guaranteed at all, as it is by the prophets? In a similar vein Tosfaos on Yevamos (Daf 50a) states that the earlier prophecies regarding Chizkiyahu could have been nullified because of his sin. If so why does this logic not apply to the prophecies regarding Moshiach? C) The gemara on Yevamos 49a states that Yeshaya did not actually see G-d when he says "I saw G-d siiting on his throne high and exalted". Rashi seems to indicate that Yeshaya made a mistake and did not actually see G-d. The Sefer HaIkrim (3,17) explicitly states that this was a mistake on Yeshaya's behalf. Therefore, 1)If Yeshaya could misinterpet a prophecy how are we assured of the validity of other prophecies. 2) In a similar vein if all prophecies (except for that of Moshe) were seen as a "moshel and meleitzah"(Rambam,Ramchal) how do we know that they were interperted correctly? And 3)if the above staement of Yeshaya was a maistake how can it be included in Torah which is an absolute truth? Thank you. Anonymous, Yerushalayim
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Question No. 8
Category End of Days/Messiah
Date Posted Mid 2002
The Question I heard that in the end of days, there's supposed to be a big war between the Jews and the Christians and Moslems. It seems like we're at the beginning of such a war. What's supposed to happen, and what can we do about it? Why does God make it so there have to be so much death, killing, war, etc? Isn't He supposed to be a God of Peace? Bart Green, Tarzana, California
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