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Question No. 647
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted 5 Jan 2005
The Question Rabbi Leff, My son, two years old, is constantly hitting and hurting my daughter. I was wondering if you have any eitzas about what we should with my son so that we will stopping hurting my daugher. We first just tried to distract him, but my son would go back to hitting her one second later. We then starting yelling at his actions, but he still continued to hit her and began to ignore us. We more recently started giving him light hits on his hand, but this is also proving to be ineffective and we in general are against hitting because we are worried about how it could affect out children in the long run. So we need a new mehalech and were wondering if you had any eitzos. Thank you. —Yisroel Meir Ruiz, Baltimore
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Question No. 629
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted 21 Dec 2004
The Question my son who is 9-years old does not like to daven. how do we as parents handle this. —lea hoffman, england
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Question No. 489
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted 15 Oct 2004
The Question Our five year old son has recently begun to ask why some people don't wear kippot and don't keep Shabbat. He recently asked why "bubbies don't cover their hair". We are chozrim b'tshuva and my family lives in Israel and we see them regularly. My parents are traditional and keep Shabbat and kashrut. My mother does not cover her hair. My sisters and their families are basically hilonni. How can we best answer these questions in a way that respects my parents and Klal Yisrael but does not come across as pluralistic or 'anything goes.' Thank you so much. Margalit Helman Jerusalem
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Question No. 433
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted 23 Apr 2004
The Question Over 9 years ago my husband left me and we divorced several months later. At the time we had 2 children together. Boruch Hashem I re-married within the year and my children are being raised exclusively by me and my new husband. Our blended family also includes my 2 step children and the 2 children we have been blessed with together (we are expecting I"YH another child in a few weeks). My question is; my ex-husband is Ashkenazi, and my husband is Sephardic. Since my children from my previous marriage are being raised in our household exclusively are they to hold Ashkenazi minhagim or Sephardic minhagim. My daughter is 14 1/2 and my son is 9 1/2. My son has been raised by my Sephardic husband since he was a year and a half and considers him his father. He doesn't even remember a time that his biological father was even around since he was only 8 months old when he left. At the time of his Bar Mitzva will he be obligated to take on Ashkenazi minhagim even though the rest of the family follows Sephardic minhag? Susan Benzaquen, Kochav Yaakov, Israel
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Question No. 383
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted Early 2004
The Question For the sake of Chinuch, Loving your children and Shalom Bayit, how should a parent deal with a child that is having difficulty in adhering to mitzvot, without turning them away? How do you deal with the other children who you hope will not be affected negatively by the experience? Moshe, Israel
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Question No. 278
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted Mid 2003
The Question Hello dear rabbi: I am an Iranian 16 year old boy who likes to learn Torah and distribute Torah all over. But on the other hand in our city those religious persons are listened to who are educated. Therefore I want you first to pray for me (Yitzchak ben Asher) and also my friend (Yitzchak ben Aharon). And also tell us which of these two majors are better for us to go to? 1) Math 2) biology that as you know engineering would be obtained through math and medicine through biology.. Thank you. Shalom. Yitchak, Iran
The Answer Click here to listen to Rabbi Leff's answer.

Question No. 270
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted Mid 2003
The Question We have recently bought an apartment in Jerusalem with the intention of moving in the next few years. Our main dilemma is our children. They're ages range between 4 and 11 and are in Charedi schools in London. These schools have both a high level of chol (secular studies) and kodesh (religious studies). We find this very important to widen their option when they leave yeshiva. We have heard that finding English type Chareidi schools is very difficult. Please could the Rav advise on our course of action. Thank You Anonymous, London
The Answer Click here to listen to Rabbi Leff's answer.

Question No. 206
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted Early 2003
The Question When my7 year old son goes to shul with me, his davening is at a slow pace. When the Shliach Tzibur is at Ga'al Yisrael or V'al Yerushalayim, he is just finishing Kriat Shema. To make him feel better about davening, I think that it is important for him to daven Shemona Esrey with me....So the question is, should I daven with the Tsibur right away and Lasmich Geula to Tefilla, or wait a minute for him to finish Kriat Shema and start Shemona Esrey with him? Akiva, Eretz Yisrael
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Question No. 72
Category Chinuch (Educating/Raising Children)
Date Posted Late 2002
The Question In raising children, at what ages and how much do we separate the boys from the girls? Is there a difference in how much they are separated for religious purposes and secular/social/educational purposes? My daughter (currently age 4) loves to come with me to shul. At what age does that become inappropriate? One specific point I wanted to ask was regarding Kol Na'arim on Simchat Torah. I happened to be in a shul where not only my four year old daughter was not allowed under the chuppah, but neither was my seventh month old daughter. How does the Rav hold in his community and why? Thank you. Anonymous
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