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The Elizabeth Jewish Community's Online Connection


What is eKesher?
eKesher is a mailing list and Web site allowing members of the Elizabeth/Hillside/Union, NJ Jewish community to easily share information with each other, for free. It's the Web equivalent of posting messages on the local community bulletin board. It's a great place to sell and buy second-hand goods, exchange advice, make community announcements, find people to join a learning group or car pool, etc. Also make sure to check out the comprehensive Community Calendar.

Why eKesher?
The e stands for both Elizabeth and electronic. Kesher is Hebrew for "connection," "link," "knot." It is our hope that eKesher will provide a valuable service to the frum community in and around Elizabeth.

How can I help?
In order for eKesher's potential usefulness to be maximized, there has to be a large number of community members using this mailing list. You will help this service become more useful if you join the list now, tell your friends about it, and use it regularly for both posting and reading notices.

What can I do on this site?


eKesher is independently maintained by Marty Nashofer as a community service. Contact me. Going strong since December 2000!